The Rise of a Kingdom

The story so far!

The small group, gathered together by Paladrien (proud possessor of a charter to tame the Stolen lands) headed for Olegs Trading post, on the very border of Brevoy. Three days travel saw them arrive, at first mistaken for soldiers by Oleg they quickly befriended the gruff man and volunteered to help with his bandit ‘problem’ and their adventure commences…

1st Pharast – A small group of Bandits arrive at Olegs, led by a man named Happs, demanding goods they are ambushed by the party. Blinded by fog from Inshubel and deafened by a thunderstone from Stephan the main group staggers around doing little for much of the battle. Arasaadi hacks down any that emerge from the fog, including Happs and an unfortunate horse. Magic and missile fire from Paladrien, Merrick and Stephan take down the rest, a one in a hundred shot from Stephan finishing off the lone bandit who escapes over the pallisade. Two bandits are captured, one named Sylar, alternately befriended by Paladrien and terrified by Arasaadi repents of his ways and is set free, believing a geas ensures his good behaviour, the other spits upon the party and as per their charter, is beheaded by Arasaadi and buried with his comrades, outside the trading post.

Oleg and his wife, Svetlana, are ecstatic and reward the party with some minor potions and a small amount of gold they had hidden from the bandits. Following information from the bandit they set free the party track the rest of the ne’er-do-wells to their camp, Stephan scouts the location but is spotted and flees. Arriving in a wagon Paladrien calls for a parley but after a few short jeers the bandits attack. Turning the tables it is Paladrien, Arasaadi and Stephans turn to be deafened by a thunderstone thrown from a bandit hiding amongst the trees. Missile fire is exchanged and the bandits leader, a viscous woman named Kressle attacks, wielding two axes expertly she badly wounds Inshubel and knocks Arasaadi unconscious. In the end Stephan and Paladrien down Kressle whilst Merrick employs his magic (and a small dose of hammer to the face) to capture yet another bandit, who they eventually let go, though he is far from happy with them, bargaining for his life with information about mites who stole the bandits treasure and the bandits password to identify each other, “Who wants to know by the bloody bones of Saint Gilmorg!”.

2nd Pharast – The group travels back to Olegs, laden down with their injured and the loot from the bandits camp, arriving late in the evening they eat, rest and prepare themselves for the morrow.


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